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    Review of WHO KILLED MICHAEL DOUGLAS by Michael Paulson


    Who Killed Michael Douglas cover Lawyer Chambers Elliot has seen enough cons to suspect the supposed priest who visits his office of something. Still, when the priest mentions a thirty-year-old murder, a murder for which Elliot was assigned to defend the accused, Elliot can't help being interested. The priest claims the wrong man was accused, that he can prove another is guilty but cannot violate the sanctity of confession. Elliot really gets interested though, when the priest unveils his plan...he'll be murdered himself, letting Elliot discover the killer by solving the more recent crime.

    Elliot doesn't think much of the plan but he is interested...both in the long-ago murder and in what might motivate a phony to come to his office with such a story. His interest is only increased when it becomes clear that the Portello crime family, which rules organized crime in Texas, is somehow tied into both the old murder and whatever con the supposed priest is working. Together with his friend, private investigator Jason Taggert, Elliot begins tracking down clues. Tracking too close to the Portello family, however, can quickly become fatal.

    Author Michael Paulson (see more reviews of mysteries by Paulson) kicks off a new series with a tough, no-nonsense lawyer as a sleuth. With a sometimes crazy office to back him up, Elliot can play it tough when criminals and grafters put on the pressure, but Salvator Portello's habit of dipping his enemies in acid would scare anyone. Fans of hardboiled mystery fiction will want to grab onto this series.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 1/23/10

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