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    Review of THE VAN GOGH DECEPTION by Michael Paulson, October 2010

    The Van Gogh Deception by Michael Paulson cover Informed that his paintings lack that certain something, American artist Stuart S. Stuart moves to Paris where he hopes to find inspiration. Inspiration does come, in the form of his beautiful neighbor, but there's a slight hitch in that. Maryse Rousseau is a dangerous Mafiosa. Things take a turn for the worse when Stuart discovers that some of his student works are being offered not as copies but as genuine old masters. When he hears voices coming from the blank wall of his Paris flat, Stuart wonders if he's going crazy. But when the voices talk of diamond theft and murder, he realizes that his problems are getting worse by the moment.

    Stuart caroms from one trouble to another, barely avoiding being killed. Those around him are not always so lucky--to the point where the local police inspector labels him a magnet for murder. Unfortunately, the voices in the wall inform Stuart that Maryse, the woman he loves, just might be even more dangerous than the thugs who beat him or the man who shoots him in the rear.

    Author Michael Paulson (see more reviews of mysteries by Paulson) writes an exciting mystery that's simultaneously action-filled and side-splittingly funny. Stuart is a charming every-man of a protagonist, insecure at love, fearful of the criminals who seem intnet on destroying him, but looking out for a chance to make some money himself. According to Stuart, the color of Paris is gray. Maybe so, but the mood of The Van Gogh Deception is very funny.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/16/10

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