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    Review of STOLEN by Jordan Gray


    Harlequin, August 2010

    Fund raiser Molly Graham hopes that the documentary she's arranged will result in new evidence about the World War II-era train robbery, a robbery that netted gold and worked of art being transported out of London, but that also resulted in the deaths of a number of children being carried to the supposed safety of small-town Blackpool. When one of the surviving orphans is murdered outside the theater where Molly was announcing the play, Blackpool is plunged into suspicion and danger. Although the crime took place seventy years earlier, the art and gold are still missing. As one character mentions, wealth tends to stick to certain families and the robbery had all the earmarks of an inside job.

    Together with her husband, Michael, Molly starts digging into a murder that could destroy all the work she's put into her project. Suspects are all too evident. Could the producer have decided to raise the film's publicity? He certainly seems to savor the public attention he's getting. Then there's the too-sexy woman in her huge yacht and the mysterious Aleister Crow. It doesn't take long, however, before Molly's curiosity is rewarded with additional murders.

    Author Jordan Gray writes an intriguing mystery. Unlike many authors, Gray gives the readers the clues they need to figure out the secrets behind the murders, making STOLEN something of a puzzle as well as an intriguing story. Molly and Michael are interesting and sympathetic characters with reasons to involve themselves in the mystery and with enough cleverness to lead us readers along. I understand that this mystery is based on a game series, which is usually not a good sign. Fortunately, Gray keeps the focus on the mystery and characters, with only the puzzle aspect there to remind us that we're supposed to be playing along.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/17/10

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