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    Review of IN THE FLESH by Paul Nelson (see his website), August 2009

    In The Flesh by Paul Nelson Lawyer Paul Newton makes a good living doing personal injury lawsuits. For him, broken bones, split skulls, or severed limbs are sure money-grabbers. The last thing he wants to get involved in is a case where the injuries are psychological. For sure, he wants nothing to do with Multiple Personality Disorder--something he considers hocus-pocus. When his office manager persuades him to listen to Judith Hoople, he gives the woman fifteen minutes, but her story captivates him and the man who treated her was so slimy, both his sensibilities and his greed are shocked.

    Judith was repeatedly abused as a child, including being involved in a satanic sex-cult and developed MPD to escape the trauma. As an adult, she sought aid to quit smoking and her therapist, Red Greely, discovered the MPD and saw a chance to make himself famous--as well as an outlet for his sexual demands. For Newton, all the ingredients are there...a harm, a perpetrator, and insurance to pay for it. The malpractice was so severe, Newton is certain the case will settle before trial. He doesn't count on an opposing lawyer who'll do anything to win his case...or Greely's nasty decision to add a rider limiting his insurance in cases of sexual misconduct.

    Author Paul Nelson (himself an attorney) writes a taut courtroom drama, taking us through the case from filing to the exciting conclusion. Along the way, he provides plenty of plot twists and surprises. Although Red Greely is clearly scum, the opposing council is well motivated and truly believes in his case. Then there's the issue of whether Judith really is what she claims. Could she actually be attempting to manipulate both the court and Newton with a story that consists mostly of fabrication?

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/25/09

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