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    Review of THE GREEN REVOLUTION by Ralph McInery


    Minotaur, September 2008

    It's fall at the University of Notre Dame and that means football. Usually, Notre Dame football means success and happiness for the fanatics who follow the game. But recently, football means defeat and, as the story begins, defeat even by inferior foes. The University is in uproar, with alumnae calling for drastic changes and one faculty member suggesting that the time has come for Notre Dame to abandon football altogether. Meanwhile, a complex love triangle involves a former football star, the star's wife, and a dentist. When the dentist ends up dead, all of Notre Dame holds its breath and brothers Philip and Roger Knight dust off their private detecting skills. After all, it's not only important to find the killer, it's even more important to protect the name of the University of Notre least, that's the opinion of some true-believers.

    Philip and Roger find motives going beyond simply the love triangle. Once, Iggie, the dentist, won a coveted academic award that would otherwise have gone to Wintheiser, the football star, but did so by cheating. Still, that was years ago.

    Author Ralph McInerny (see more reviews of novels by McInerny) continues his Notre Dame-set mystery series with a story that picks up on the politics and dreams of the University. Alumnae and fans are quick to call for heads to roll. Sports in general, and football in particular, have been allowed to overshadow the most fundamental purpose Universities are supposed to serve. And within the University itself, petty politics continue, while there are those who are only too happy to cover up any number of disasters to protect the reputation of their beloved institution.

    McInerny's writing style is smooth and he skillfully weaves together the clues and the characters, making each sympathetic in their own way. McInerny shows a distinct affection for the past, but doesn't hesitate to remind us that there never was a time of perfection. THE GREEN REVOLUTION will probably find its most contented readers to be among the fans and former students of Notre Dame, but it's a pretty good mystery even for those of us who attended others schools and celebrated rare victories over that football colossus.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 10/05/09

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