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    Review of FRAG LIMIT by S. K. O'Toole


    Frag Limit by S. K. O'Toole cover Private Eye Denton Dodge doesn't get much business but this is one case he definitely isn't looking forward to. His best friend is dead--an apparent heart attack. Except, what are the odds that three apparent heart attacks would happen to three beta testers for a new video game--before that game was released to the general public? Possibly the game is just too violent but Dodge doesn't buy that explanation. Still, what alternatives could there be.

    When a copy of the game, along with cheat codes, shows up at Dodge's office, he discovers there definitely is something strange about the game. Walking straight into the designers' studio seems to be the only answer. What he discovers shocks even this hardboiled private eye.

    Author S. K O'Toole brings a charming hardboiled detective to life in Denton Dodge. The justaposition of classic hardboiled attitude with futuristic technology lets this story stand out even more. I found myself wondering how Dodge would work his way out of each new fix and was pleasantly surprised when O'Toole surprised me every time. FRAG LIMIT is O'Toole's first published novel and I'm looking forward to seeing more of Denton Dodge.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 3/05/09

    This book is no longer available from

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