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    Review of STRANGERS IN DEATH by J. D. Robb

    Berkley, August 2008

    It looks like the most ordinary of crimes--a wealthy businessman is found dead in his bed, a rope around his neck and sexual aids both point to a possible sexual escapade going wrong. When his wife, safely alibied a thousand miles away, indicates that the dead man, Thomas Anders, was into kinky sex, the case seems open and shut. Except there are too many flaws for police Inspector Eve Dallas. Eve suspects the dead man's beautiful but cold wife, Ava--who stands to gain richly from her husband's death. Still, there's no doubt she was a thousand miles away, no bank withdrawals indicate the possibility of a murder for hire, and Ava's only known outside lover is a Licensed Companion who's personally known to Eve--no way would he have killed for her.

    Eve continues to push on the case, looking for the flaw she knows must exist. The murder seemed well-planned, but the flaws indicated that the killer's nerve may have failed. Who could Ava have persuaded to do the deed? With the help of her billionaire-husband, Roark, Eve diggs deeper into Ava's activities. Could she have been responsible for her father-in-law's death as well? Still, without evidence, all she has is suspicion. Eve swears Ava won't get away with her crime, but even in 2060, evidence is needed to convict.

    Author J. D. Robb (Nora Roberts) (see more reviews of novels by J. D. Robb) delivers another clever and well-written futuristic mystery. We didn't get the real emotional depth in some of the other In Death novels, but clever Eve, perky Sgt. Peabody, brilliant (and rich) Roark, and the rest of the characters in Eve's police world come together to follow distant connections, linking together possible crimes and possible connections that Ava had believed could never be found. STRANGERS IN DEATH is an enjoyable read--one I ended up consuming in a single sitting.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 9/03/08

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