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    Review of MIDLIFE MURDER by Amy Eastlake


    Midlife Murder cover Heather Montag's life comes apart when her husband decides to divorce her--and goes out of his way to make sure she doesn't get any of his money. When her husband ends up dead, Heather becomes a suspect. With no money, the police hounding her, and her children turned against her, Heather ends up in a trailer park where her only allies are a school-girl who thinks she's Heather's mentor and the trailer park manager who keeps chickens as pets.

    Heather's new mentor, Lupe Gonzaga, decides Heather's only answer is to discover her husband's actual murderer, and landlady Tina Anderson agrees. But the more Heather investigates, the more she finds things she doesn't want to believe--starting with her husband's unfaithfulness as he went through a midlife crisis of her own, and compounded by a growing suspicion that her son might somehow be behind the deaths.

    Heather's problems are compounded because she's been thrust into a new world--the low-end trailer park where she lives is far removed from the affluent Dallas suburbs where she's spent her life. Easy answers that always seemed more than adequate are no longer enough. Heather has to learn about herself as much as she does about the killer--and she's not always pleased by what she finds.

    Author Amy Eastlake (see more reviews of novels by Eastlake) continues her Texas Trailer Park Mysteries with a new, engaging buf flawed protagonist, but with the return of sleuth Tina Anderson from the earlier books in this series. With plenty of red herrings, a tongue-in-cheek look at the world of Texas politics, and a sympathetic eye for a middle-aged and Rubenesque sleuth, mystery writers will be sure to enjoy MIDLIFE MURDER.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/13/08

    MIDLIFE MURDER is only $3.99. (Available in HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Mobipocket, eReader (Palm Reader), (zipped) Microsoft Reader, Sony LRF Reader and ePub formats). To purchase it, click the Buy Now button below (payments processed through PayPal for your security):

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