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    Review of GOING POSTAL by Amy Eastlake


    Going Postal by Amy Eastlake cover Postal carrier Kimberly Walsh thinks her day is going bad when she gets handed a dog--one that loves to bite her. She's wrong--her day gets really bad when she discovers the dog's owner...murdered. When she finds another body the next day, the police decide they've discovered another postal worker gone bad. Kimberly has got to find a way to clear her name. If not, she'll have a chance to explore Texas's over-populated death row.

    Forced to investigate, Kimberly draws advice (and lock-picking skills) from trailer park manager Tina Anderson, and hooks up with the late wife of one of the victims--the only other person the police suspect might be involved. Meanwhile, Kimberly attempts to remain in denial of her eating disorder, and faces off against druglords, drug enforcement agents, over-protective ministers, and a local union leader who might be overly-willing to help, but who might also be the killer.

    Author Amy Eastlake (see more reviews of mysteries by Eastlake) continues her Texas Trailer Park Mystery series with another sassy female sleuth, forced to solve the mystery before the police lock her up and throw away the key. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing Tina Anderson back, but GOING POSTAL can be read stand-alone. As always, Eastlake combines a tight mystery with intriguing insights into what makes people work, and with another look at the trailers and neighborhoods of south Dallas.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/23/08

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