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    Review of BODY TRACE by D. H. Dublin (see his website)

    Penguin, September 2006

    Madison Cross, newly minted med school graduate and conflicted about her future, joins the C.S.U. (Crime Scene Unit) in Philadelphia as a technician. On her first day she manages to stir up a hornet's nest as she and her colleagues investigate the deaths of two sorority co-eds. Everyone but Madison wants to write it off as an accidental overdose and hush it up as quickly as possible. But Madison sees evidence of foul play, and the more she digs--increasingly jeopardizing her job--the more others try to stop her, including the mysterious black SUVs that trail her everywhere.

    Body Trace is a gripping page-turner chock full of fascinating characters and unusual details and a nifty mystery that kept me guessing. The author does a pretty good job of rationalizing why evidence techs are running around investigating crimes (Madison is new and green and gung-ho). Fans of CSI will LOVE this book.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 5/05/08

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