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    ELECTRIC BLUE by Nancy Bush


    Kensington, October 2006

    Jane Kelly, former bartender and now "information specialist," and her pug The Binkster are back in their second adventure. In this outing, Jane is hired to evaluate the mental stability of a wealthy family matriarch, Orchid Purcell. Although Jane has absolutely no qualifications to do such a thing, Orchid's dazzlingly handsome grandson, Jazz, hires her because she is a woman and his grandmother refuses to see a doctor.

    If you can get past the premise (which doesn't strike me as plausible), this is a jaunty little mystery complete with a creepy old house and a cast of eccentric--some would say crazy--Purcell family members, including a guy who likes to paint pictures of sharp knives. And then there are the truly nasty ones. There's also a well-hidden family secret involving death, unplanned pregnancies and deviant sex. What's not to love?

    Jane is an endearing sleuth, with her newly discovered devotion to her pug and her ambivalent feelings for her sort-of boss, Dwayne Durbin. The climax is a bit pallid compared to some of the other hair-raising situation Jane gets into during the course of the book, but this is still a fun, fast read.

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    Two Stars

    Reviewed 5/04/07

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