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    Review of THE LAST TEMPLAR by Raymond Khoury (see his website), April 2006

    VEIL OF THE GODDESS by Rob Preece

    Additional Reviews

    Compared to the roller coaster ride of action and plot in Rob Preece's Veil of the Goddess, The DaVinci Code moves like a merry-go-round. From the war torn deserts of Iraq to the colorful streets and mosques of Istanbul to the canals and churches of historic Venice, Veil takes you on the adventure of a lifetime. Zooming along at a pace that leaves you breathless until the dynamic and unexpected climax, this book still manages to do some deep exploration into the heart of religion with its pagan--and often mystical--origins. Veil of the Goddess is a MUST read!

    Cathlynn Richard Dodson
    Author of LEGACY, a screenplay version of The DaVinci Code, written long before Dan Brown wrote it!

    Dizzying fast-pace, and such a smooth read that Veil of the Goddess ought to come with a warning: do not be tackle it if you are commuting, for you might miss your stop!

    Rob Preece is a multi-talented author/film-maker/publisher, and as a writer, is in his astonishing form in Veil of the Goddess, a contemporary thriller.

    The True Cross, US forces in Iraq, the ancient Goddess Ishtar, Kurdish fighters, authenthic locales in Turkey, battling Muslim and Christian agendas, and a knife-sharp yet sexy heroine, Ivy, together with the American Zach, with whom I would like to enjoy a glass of wine on the shores of Bosporus, istanbul, team up and serve a tale that is as unique as it is relevant.

    But behold.... long before there were Christians, Muslims, Iraqis, Americans, Kurds and Turks... there was the Goddess....

    Highly recommended read for those who like to be entertained as well as informed. Five Stars.

    Kristina O'Donnelly

    If you're interested in the Veil, you might also find CULT OF THE VIRGINS interesting.

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