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    Review of STREET FAME by K. Elliot

    Urban LifeStyle Press

    Tommy, JoJo, and Twin were best friends from childhood. Now, they've moved into drug dealing. When Twin turns a thief onto Tommy and JoJo, the two lose all of their ready cash--and realize they need to make a score. But the Drug Enforcement Agency is aware of their activities. The DEA contacts Twin's girlfriend, a white stripper named Jennifer, and pressures her to cooperate with them. One of the agents seduces Jennifer, reasoning that he wants to help her escape from the life she's created for herself.

    With their major supplier in jail, Tommy and JoJo fall prey to a scam, losing even more of their money. Only by moving from cocaine to extaxy do they see a chance to recoup their losses. But the pill business seems like a good one and using Jennifer and one of her white stripper friends as mules works--the police don't go after white women nearly as much as they do black. When Tommy meets a beautiful woman whose father is a major real estate investor who promises to help him go straight--if only he can come up with a million dollars in investment income, Tommy thinks he has a chance to get out of the drug business before the DEA catches up with him.

    Tommy, JoJo, and Twin push their luck, trying to get just one more score--the score that will let Tommy walk away from the drug business, marry his beautiful lover, and escape to California. But the DEA has other plans. The DEA doesn't care that their enforcement efforts are destroying as many lives as would the drugs they are attempting to control. And they'll do whatever it takes to bring Tommy and his friends down.

    Author K. Elliot captures an authentic feel in this fast-paced caper novel. Tommy, with his adoptive father in jail, accused of a rape he didn't commit, and with his major ambition in life to enjoy his fishing, is a sympathetic character despite his two-timing his long-time girlfriend (who is also two-timing him). Elliot helps the reader understand how drug dealing can seem to be the only option, and how ethical black and white blurs to gray in the world of drugs and drug enforcement.

    STREET FAME provides an intriguing look into today's urban drug culture. Warning--STREET FAME contains language and sexual situations that will be offensive to some readers.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 7/16/06

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