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    Review of SLEEPYHEAD by Mark Billingham (see his website)

    Avon, April 2003

    Some fates are worse than death. When Allison Willetts is dumped at a hospital, she is in a twilight between life and death. She can see, hear and feel, but she cannot move. And someone deliberately put her in that state. At first the police believe her survival is the mistake of a serial killer. But gradually Detective Inspector Tom Thorne comes to realize the horrifying truth--Allison was the killer's great triumph. And the chase is on to catch a devastatingly deranged but clever killer who may be someone very close to the woman he's falling in love with.

    Author Mark Billingham (see more reviews of novels by Billingham) puts a fresh face on the serial-killer police procedural by bringing the impressions and memories of the still-living victim into the mix. Though Allison never leaves her bed, she is the liveliest character of the bunch, and the peculiar relationships among all of the key players raise this book a cut above most thrillers. A chilling page-turner.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/22/06

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