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    Review of MOVING IS MURDER by Sara Rosett (see her website)


    Kensington Books, April 2006

    Ellie Avery had really hoped that this move would get her away from base, away from the politics and obligations of the military wife. Unfortunately, the nice neighborhood she moved into turned out to be full of airmen and the spouses groups were in full swing. Not being good at saying no, Ellie finds herself recruited to help out--even though she really needs to pay attention to her 4-month-old baby. When one of the wives/neighbors suffers an allergic reaction to wasp stings and died, Ellie is called on to help out even more. But no one could have expected that helping out would include discovering that the "accident" was really murder.

    Convinced that the local police and the Air Force OSI are blowing off her suspicions, Ellie starts snooping. One of the wives sneaks out of her house at night. One of the airmen is trying to get into the pants of all the wives. Another of the airmen is secretly visiting an off-base doctor. And Ellie's best friend's husband had a fight with the dead woman just before she was killed. Things get really bad, though, when accidents start happening near Ellie. Could someone be so afraid they want her dead?

    Author Sara Rosett combines moving tips with mystery in a story that gives plenty of insight into the way that military wives adjust to common moves and the notion that they somehow must support their husbands--even at the cost of their own careers and ambitions. MOVING IS MURDER is well written and makes for an enjoyable light read.

    I thought the story relies a bit too much on coincidence in the early goings as Ellie discovers clue after clue--when the dog knocks over the neighbor's trash, when she decides to vacuum the inside of the neighbor's van, when she happens to see the moonlighting wife in both of her jobs, etc. Like a good amateur sleuth, though, Ellie never gives up. Fans of the genre will also appreciate that she avoided the 'too-stupid-to-live' syndrome of never telling anyone where she was going.

    MOVING IS MURDER is a promising first mystery. Rosett has a way to go in building suspense and differentiating characters, but I'll look forward to seeing more by this author.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/10/06

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