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    Review of KILL ALL THE LAWYERS by Paul Levine (see his website)


    Bantam Books, September 2006

    Steve Solomon and Victoria Lord are edging toward moving in together, but both of them face fears of commitment and fears that the other isn't really their perfect soul-mate. Lord wants high-rise condos, Solomon wants a yard. Lord wants the fine things of live, but Solomon & Lord specializes in small cases, defending shoplifters and others unable to pay large bills. Million dollar apartments are just not a part of the budget. Still, the two would probably be able to work through their problems, but all of a sudden, one of Solomon's former clients, a self-help radio-psychologist, is back--and he's attacking Solomon on the air.

    Solomon goes to bat for his clients--no matter how horrible their cases might be. But once, just once, he'd violated ethics and turned evidence over to the prosecution. He knew his client was guilty--and that he would get off since the prosecuter was too lazy to find the evidence he needed. When the psychologist discovered that Solomon set him up, he resolves to have his revenge.

    Solomon may be obnoxious and abrasive, but he loves two people--Victoria Lord and his nephew, Bobby. Bobby hasn't completely recovered from the abuse he suffered while in the hands of his drug-abusing mother, but he is growing up. And a neighborhood girl, the hottest girl in the sixth grade, is paying attention to him. Maybe it's just because Bobby is smart and can help with her homework, but to Bobby, it's the real thing.

    No matter how Solomon tries, he can't seem to escape the psychologist's plots--plots that put Solomon in his control and put his relationship with both Bobby and Lord at risk. The psychologist insists that anyone will kill--to protect themselves or those they love. Solomon is starting to be convinced. Still, the psychologist's plans are more horrible than even Solomon's wild imagination contemplates.

    Author Paul Levine (see more reviews of books by Levine) skillfully blends the suspense plot with the Solomon/Lord relationship, playing the two against each other to heighten the stakes and the reader's emotional involvement with the story. Psychologist, Dr. Bill Kreeger is both scary and weirdly appealing as a badguy--smooth enough to convince the courts to release Solomon's sister and to put Solomon's anger management in his own care. The Solomon vs. Lord series is a winner and KILL ALL THE LAWYERS is a strong addition to the lineup.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/31/06

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