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    Review of DEAD WRONG by J. A. Jance (see her website)


    William Morrow, July 2006

    He was a convicted murder and an alcoholic. Nobody should have cared much when Bradley Evans turned up dead. But Sheriff Joanna Brady feels a tie. Her father was the man who arrested Evans years before and now someone has killed the man. She intends to track down Evans's murderer and make him pay for his crime. Life, and other crimes, though, have a way of getting in the way. For one thing, Joanna is nine months pregnant. For another, her county is near the Mexican border and Border Patrol often calls for local assistant. For a third, dead pit bulls have been turning up at a disturbing pace--evidence of illegal dog-fighting. Since Animal Control falls under the Sheriff's office, Brady needs to do something about that, too.

    With one of her homicide detectives out sick, Brady finds herself in the thick of the investigation, interviewing anyone who could have had a connection to the dead man, helping out when one of her animal control officers is injured, showing up at politically important events, being a mother and wife, and putting up with her horrible inlaws when they decide to head into town for Brady's expected childbirth.

    Author J. A. Jance (see more reviews of mysteries by Jance) combines an exciting mystery with the strong character of Sheriff Joanna Brady. Still fighting for her position in the face of prejudice against female lawmen (and especially expectant female lawmen), Brady puts herself at risk where necessary, but doggedly continues her hunt for the killers and con men of her Arizona county.

    It isn't especially difficult to guess the killer in DEAD WRONG, but putting together all of the pieces of the puzzle, finding the clues needed to make an arrest, are tough. Brady, though, is tougher. If she can put off childbirth for long enough, you can bet that she'll track down the killers--and make sure they have their day in court. DEAD WRONG is an enjoyable mystery written by an author at the top of her game.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 11/11/06

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