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    Review of CONFESSIONS OF A TEEN SLEUTH by Chelsea Cain

    Bloomsbury USA, March 2005

    Review by Cathy Richard Dodson (see her website)

    What if Nancy Drew was a real person? Chelsea Cain parodies this idea in her delightful book about the popular teen sleuth. Starting with an introduction from Nancy about how her college friend Carolyn Keene stole her identity and turned her into a fictional icon, our heroine takes us on the journey of how her life might have been if she didn't stay the same forever, but grew older, married, had a child, grew even older, and continued to be obsessed with solving mysteries.

    With a series of 'stories' about 'the real' Nancy's exploits, we learn that the love of her life wasn't Ned Nickerson, Bess Marvin wasn't pleasingly plump, and Nancy's mother really didn't die when she was a girl. We go with Nancy around the country in the blink of an eye, and even follow her to Europe and Africa on a couple of jaunts.

    Confessions of a Teen Sleuth took me back to my youth, lazy summer afternoons reading book after book in this mystery series, then it brought me back to the present with its fascinating 'what if' Nancy had grown up just like me. Cain does an amazing job making her character feel and act just like the Nancy Drew I remembered, but her way of working in what 'might have' become of the rest of the cast is just laugh-out-loud fun! If you loved Nancy Drew and want to take a ride back in time with her-then follow her home to the present-don't miss this wonderful little book! I couldn't wait to share it with my mom, who loved Nancy Drew too!

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/31/06

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