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    Review of BAD LIE by John R. Corrigan (see his website)


    University Press of New England, November 2005

    Golf pro Jack Austin wants to win another golf tournament. He's won one major in his ten years as a pro and wants more. But when his friend Nash learns that his father was tortured and killed, Jack has got to help. He's done his best to be a substitute father for Nash, but Nash has always maintained a fantasy that he'd reconnect, that he could rediscover the perfect father that his memory holds. As they investigate the murdered man, though, an ugly picture develops. Owen Henley was involved with drugs, and had a connection with a major drug operator in the New England area. Digging into Owen's history exposes Jack to people who don't want anyone looking at what they're doing--people who will kill anyone, including young children, to keep the scrutiny away.

    Jack's investigation has to share time with his golf, but it doesn't take long before his problems start to spill over on the golf course.

    With his concern for his young daughter, and his affection for Nash, the other players on the circuit, and his beautiful wife, Jack Austin makes a sympathetic character. Nash's fantasies tear at him because he recognizes that they simply cannot be achieved, and would not have been achieved had any reconciliation taken place. The theme of protecting children runs through the story--with Jack's happy childhood in dramatic juxtaposition to Nash's tragic upbringing.

    Author John R. Corrigan (see more reviews of novels by Corrigan) brings the game of professional-level golf to life. Jack is completely convincing as a golfer, caught up in a combination of workouts, ritual magic, and philosophy in his attempt to beat the talented field and win another golf championship. Corrigan does a fine job with the mystery as well, planting clues as to the killer without making it too obvious who actually done-it. Of course, by the end, Owen's murder is only one of the many problems that Jack and his friends must face.

    Even if you're not a golf fan, you'll enjoy BAD LIE. I'm happy to recommend this mystery.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/02/06

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