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    Review of TORPEDO JUICE by Tim Dorsey

    William Morrow, February 2005

    Review by Jennifer Vilches

    Serge Storms, Florida history buff and eccentric sower of mayhem and violence, takes on the Florida Keys with a decidedly different search for a wife. His tactics generate pepper spray more often that first dates, but he perseveres until he gets an I do.

    But Serge finds a lot of things about marriage mystifying, especially guest towels. Between organizing a cult, rushing his junkie friend Coleman to the emergency room, foiling the plans of a slimy CEO, and dodging the attentions of a serial killer, Serge doesn't have much time to work out the details of marital bliss.

    This book was a slow-starter for me - it took a while to build up interest in the multitude of plot lines. However, once Serge starts driving the action, the pace picks up to Dorsey's usual zany blur. Serge's thoughts on marriage are funny enough to smooth over some of the rough patches.

    The disparate plots come together in the end, but not quite as convincingly as they have in past books. But Dorsey's beloved Florida shines through, and he is still adept at finding humor in the most amazingly dark spaces of the human psyche.

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    Two Stars

    Reviewed 3/22/05

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