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    Review of SOLOMON VS. LORD by Paul Levine (see his website)

    Bantam Books, October 2005

    Victoria Lord practices law by the books. She's going to do her time as an assistant D.A., marry the handsome avacado-farmer and real estate developer she's engaged to, and become a corporate attorney and happy wife--with her student loans paid off no less. But first she needs to get through one trial--one where shady lawyer Steve Solomon is defending a man so obviously guilty Solomon has to call a parot to testify on his behalf. So, how does she end up sitting in a jail sell with Solomon, held for contempt of court. One thing for sure, she never wants to see him again.

    Solomon figures Lord could make one fine lawyer. But he's too busy to take on trainees--too busy mostly trying to figure out how to maintain custody of his nephew as the State of Florida grinds its way through the family court. Still, a hihg profile murder case would be just the thing to put his name on the map and bring in the clients. The only problem is, the latest murder suspect is a friend of Victoria Lord's. So, he's got to horn his way in on the deal, all the while denying the attraction he feels for the woman he wants to make his partner--his legal partner, that is.

    Author Paul Levine combines the legal thriller with humor and serious romance to pull together a combination that works. Serious suspense readers may find that SOLOMON VS. LORD reads as much like a romance book as a mystery, but Levine knows his audience--most readers are women and they want to read about characters who have lives rather than merely legal practices (heck, even a lot of men like reading that kind of book). The constant sniping between Solomon and Lord can only lead to one result, but the two, and the reader, have a lot of fun getting them there. The custody case and Solomon's rough relationship with his father seem a little more doubtful. Can everything really work out?

    Fans of legal thrillers who want something a little lighter and a lot of fun should definitely take a look at SOLOMON VS. LORD.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/07/05

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