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    Review of SKINNY-DIPPING by Claire Matturro (see her website)


    William Morrow, November 2004

    Lawyer Lilly Rose Cleary has obsessive-compulsive disorders, a boyfriend who is a serial marrier, and has now been assigned the world's worst case--defending a doctor who bungled a 'veggie-baby' case. That sounds like enough trouble, but then Lilly is assaulted in her law office parking lot and, a few days later, someone shoots at her and a client. Then there is the little matter of her clients dying of poisoning--and worse.

    Lilly can't believe that anyone would really want to kill a lawyer who specializes in defending doctors accused of malpractice. Sure, plenty of doctors are scum, but why not kill them? Of course, some of the doctors are getting killed, which puts things in perspective. But Lilly can't just walk away from a case (part of her obsessive-compulsive thing) and what she learns starts to point suspicious fingers at her boyfriend, her mentor, just about everyone around her.

    Author Claire Maturro combines action and humor in a delightful mystery. Lilly, with her combination of psychological failings and her drive, makes a completely enjoyable and sympathetic character. The spraying ferret, the dubious boyfriend, the bird-loving wife, the strong-silent cop, and the slimy doctors and lawyers add charm and believability to the story. Matturo is, herself, a lawyer and the law portions seemed authentic, without being intrusive.

    This is a first book by Maturro, and I'm happy to recommend it. It's a quick read and, frankly, I had a hard time putting it down.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/28/05

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