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    Review of SEX, MURDER AND A DOUBLE LATTE by Kyra Davis

    Red Dress Ink, May 2005

    Hip San Francisco mystery author Sophie Katz has just finished her latest novel--before deadline--and she's set on relaxing and rewarding herself. She's got a possible movie deal in the works, a group of loyal friends, a cat--and a gay best friend hairdresser who knows how to handle her impossible hair. She even has a sexy, Russian, possible-new-boyfriend. The only fly in the ointment? Her potential movie producer is dead, maybe the victim of murder, and someone might be trying to kill Sophie as well.

    Only Sophie has seen the pattern--artists are dying in tableaus that reflect their art. Now someone is stalking her--making freaky phone calls, breaking into her apartment, following her and leaving terrifying clues that have meaning only to her. The police think she's a paranoid at best, and a criminal at worst. But the really bad news is, her stalker-potential-murderer might be the man she's almost had sex with.

    Plucky Sophie is a funny heroine everyone can root for, and her motley cast of friends/co-conspirators keep the laughs coming even in the face of terror and tragedy. In her dubut novel, Kyra Davis has given readers a nifty blend of hip humor and mystery. I would like have seen more of Sophie's quirky family. Maybe in a sequel?

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 7/03/05

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