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    Review of OWLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL by Donna Andrews (see her website)


    Thomas Dunne, St. Martin's Minotaur, April 2005

    Blacksmith Meg Langslow is having a yard sale. Which wouldn't be so bad except the yard is multi-acres. The home they bought was filled with junk and she and her significant other, Michael, need to get the clutter cleared out before it destroys their relationship. Members of Meg's (weird) family have descended to 'help,' bringing their own junk to add to the sale. The last thing Meg needs is another dead body--but when a well-known antiques dealer is found dead in an antique chest, Meg decides she needs to put her sleuthing skills back to work--especially since the police are quick to accuse the one college professor who actually seems willing to help Michael with his tenure status.

    Meg's investigation involves evesdropping from a dumbwaiter, dealing with her father's obsession with owls and owl droppings (they aren't what you think--at least not exactly), sorting out complicated family dealings, and learning that just about everyone in town had it in for the dead man.

    I admit that I'm a sucker for funny light mystery, and OWLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL fits the bill perfectly. The family interaction is charming. Author Donna Andrews (see more reviews of novels by Andrews) does a fabulous job characterizing Meg, her brother Rob, and Meg's parents. The whole yard-sale thing will be familiar to anyone who's every hosted one, down to the early arrivals and funky excuses (even without the dead body in the trunk).

    If you're looking for a great mix of family and murder, OWLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL is a charmer.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/04/05

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