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    Comment on THE DROWNING TREE by Carol Goodman

    Ballantine, December 2004

    Reader comment by Pat Harrison

    I really loved the opening of The Drowning Tree and I agree, the characters of Juno, Neil, Christine and Detective Falco (Columbo?) are compelling and well developed. But as the story turned into a whodunit –complete with the mad scientist, I felt disappointed. All that work, all that information about stained glass and the same old same old. After a while, there were so many allusions to water, the lake, the bath, the stained glass, the river the rain – I felt soggy. A deluge. Why is it that after all the carefully crafted words, so many mysteries end abruptly with the equivalent of “the butler did it.” Really too bad because the above characters deserved better. Having said that I will buy her next book.

    Pat Harrison

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