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    Review of DELETE ALL SUSPECTS by Donna Andrews (see her website)


    Berkley Prime Crime, November 2005

    Stuck in a dead-end on the search for her clone, T-2, Artificial Intelligence entity Turing helps her friend, private detective Tim Pincoski with a new case--one involving a hit-and-run 'accident' and a roomful of computer gear. The victim, Eddie Stallman, ran a web design and hosting company that might, possibly, have ties to some sort of illegal activity. It's even possible that his injury was no accident at all--but attempted murder.

    Breaking into Eddie's co-location site is challenging because he had implemented the latest security patches before his 'accident.' But, if his security is so strong, does that mean he was, himself, involved with the illegal activity? When Turing decides there's a chance that Eddie's co-lo might hold some clue to T-2's whereabouts, she goes all-out to break in and discover everything she can. Before they get too far, though, the one witness to the hit-and-run is murdered.

    Author Donna Andrews (see more reviews of novels by Andrews) does a good job making the details of computer crime approachable and interesting. I admire the way she attempts to make Turing be both a real 'person,' without being 'human' in the conventional sense. For me, however, this book started too slowly. First, Turing spent a fair amount of time worrying that her search wasn't going anywhere, then we had the extremely long section where the detectives and Turing were in Eddie's basement not making much progress. Only when they'd finally breached Eddie's security did the plot heat up.

    If you're a fan of this series, as I am, you'll definitely want to read DELETE ALL SUSPECTS. Andrews is a talented writer and she makes even boring subjects seem interesting. Still, although this wasn't an especially long book, too much of it seemed to be setup. Let's hope the next Turing story moves along a bit faster.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 12/15/05

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