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    Review of WHISKEY SOUR by J. A. Konrath (see his website)


    Hyperion, June 2004

    When a body is found in the trash can outside a Chicago 7-11, police lieutenant Jacqueline (Jack) Daniels is given the case. The perp left a note and a gingerbread man--a clue he leaves when he kills his second victim. He's getting more imaginative, prolonging the torture, getting enjoyment out of each beautiful woman's death. Daniels has to deal with her own issues--insomnia, a boyfriend who dumps her for his trainer, and FBI agents who want to stake out a horse and seize control of the case. But when the 'gingerbread man' develops a fascination for Daniels, the mystery becomes not just whether she can catch him, but whether she'll be his next victim.

    In his first novel, author J. A. Konrath displays a light touch with plenty of chuckle moments as Daniels deals with the bureaucracy of city and federal governments.

    WHISKEY SOUR is an engaging story, smoothly written and hard to put down. I had hoped for a bit more cleverness in the final identification of the perp--and the climactic showdown--but that didn't keep me from enjoying this book. I'll certainly look forward to the next Jack Daniels story.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 8/21/04

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