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    Review of WALKING MONEY by James O. Born (see his website)

    G. P. Putnam's Sons, June 2004

    A riot in Miami causes businesses to shut early, the police to take the streets, and a number of people to think about the loot in a bank safety deposit box. The bank manager has been drooling over the money; the man who's been putting the money in the bank wants it free and clear; his lawyer and partner would kill for the money; an FBI agent thinks it would be the perfect retirement gift, and just about every local or state cop who hears about it wants it. The money keeps moving--and the body count keeps creeping up. But the one really innocent man, Bill Tasker, is the one the FBI believes took it. And unless Tasker can find the real thief(s), he's the one going to jail.

    Tasker has had a rough time since he was involved in a shooting--he was once accused of killing a dirty cop to suppress evidence of his own involvement--and now things are getting rougher. He's suspended from his job, investigated by the FBI, and even his friends are interested in what he's going to do with the money. The only good thing he has going for him is that both his ex-wife and the pretty cop from the office are suddenly much more interested.

    Author James O. Born is a long-time Florida cop and his knowledge of the state shines through. The money really does walk, changing hands frequently, and the FBI is presented as the bunch of well-intentioned boy-scouts they often are. I would have liked to see more character development, more purpose to Tasker's search for evidence to clear himself, and a bit less of the frantic exchange of money between the criminals and cops, but that didn't keep this from being an engaging story.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 8/25/04

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