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    Review of TRIPLETREE by Derek Wilson


    Thomas Dunne Books, June 2004

    A super-exclusive English party is disrupted first when the fireworks display is sabotaged and then when a woman is found dead in the pond. The death is ruled an accident, but the host approaches paranormal investigator Dr. Nathaniel Gye with word that his wife is trying to accept the blame for murder, believing that she followed through on an ancient murder that also took place on the Tripletree estate. Gye doesn't take past life regression too seriously, but he agrees to investigate. What he discovers is that there is certainly something going on--and the 'accident' begins to look more and more suspicious.

    Gye's investigation is hampered by his concern for his wife who has agreed to take a promotion in New York. He'll do anything to sabotage her business dreams, keeping her 'home' with him and their children and simply refuses to listen to her explanation of how things can work out (oddly enough for someone so concerned about the children, they virtually never appeared in the book). Still, the paranormal events are interesting and he feels involved in the murder.

    British author Derek Wilson is at his best when describing the old-boy University and the strangely English reverse snobishness. I had expected a bit more actually investigation into the paranormal (and the mystery, for that matter) and thought some of Gye's decisions were reckless at best. Still TRIPLETREE was well written and offered an entertaining read. I do wish, though, that Gye's sexism and egoism had been recognized and dealt with rather than rewarded.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 9/05/04

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