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    Review of THERAPY by Jonathan Kellerman


    Ballantine, May 2004

    Psychologist Alex Delaware, now a full-time consultant to the Los Angeles Police Department and his friend Milo Sturgis are called into a homicide investigation. It looks like a lover's lane murder. Two kids, clothing undone, both with bullet holes in their heads. But his psychology training tells Alex that something is wrong with that picture. The sharp post stuck through the woman's chest speaks of anger and intention. As they can't identify the woman, though, Milo and Alex begin investigating the young man.

    Gavin Quick had been in a personality-changing auto accident and was seeing a psychologist--a woman who had lost another client to murder a year earlier. Alex's instincts tell him that something is wrong, that coincidence does not explain these facts. Still, there is something deeper going on and Milo and Alex have plenty of time to explore every lead.

    Author Jonathan Kellerman (see more reviews of novels by Kellerman) creates a twisty and involved thriller. Although THERAPY lacks the emotional punch of some of Kellerman's early child-abuse mysteries, the story exposes Kellerman's talent for connecting pieces together to gradually unveil a larger conspiracy. Nothing is as it initially seems to be and some of the nicest people in the story turn out to be much worse than they appear.

    THERAPY combines a bit of psychological profiling with police investigation and with exciting action to add up to a very satisfying read.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 5/03/04

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