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    Review of SEE JANE RUN by Liz Brady


    Second Story Press, October 2004

    True Crime writer Jane Yeats has suffered for years after her partner's death at the hands of a serial killer. But when the man convicted of those crimes is himself killed in prison--and DNA evidence absolves him of at least one of the murders he is supposed to have committed, Jane starts to wonder if the killer is still on the loose. If so, she intends to pay him back.

    With revenge as a motive, Jane cold-turkeys her drinking and cigarette habits, and steps into Toronto (Canada)'s seamy underworld. As she has written several books on corrupt cops, Jane is not surprised that the police officials refuse to admit they might have made a mistake. An ex-con, though, tells her a different story--the killer who falsely confessed was set up for a prison assassination--and the guards were involved.

    With occasional help from her cowboy-dressing bar-owning mother, plus-sized lesbian/Indian friend, and a fellow crime writer, Jane digs deeper into the mess that she had spent years refusing to think about--and equipping herself for the day she can kill whoever killed her lover.

    Author Liz Brady makes Jane a sympathetic character even as she pursues the goal of breaking the law by taking justice into her own hands. In her dealings with others, the reader can see the warmth that Jane would deny having--and her suffering certainly motivates her feelings of anger.

    It did seem to me that Jane was a bit slow to pick up on the actual killer--the reader will certainly guess who killed Peter long before Jane makes that leap. But the strong characterization, Jane's relationship with other, and the sense of place in Jane's Torronto more than make up for any reader frustrations with Jane's blind spot. Brady added a nice twist at the end, giving the reader an extra jolt of excitement in a well written and entertaining story.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/28/04

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