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    Review of THE SCYLLA HEXAGRAM by Paul Riva

    iUniverse, February 2004

    Although she has become a super-spy for the global agency 'the Network,' Kym Blaze is still dealing with the night she was almost killed by the Unicorn. When her newest assignment puts her directly into confontation with the Unicorn, Kym must learn to use her fear and anger--or be destroyed. The Unicorn has developed a plot to undermine the global trading system, creating financial instability and driving a return to the Maoist/Communist rule in China. Using the tools of cyberterrorism, he intends to dump false information into the network, create false and losing trades, and send rumors of destruction through the system.

    As she throws herself into her mission, Kym can never be certain who is an ally and who is an enemy. The felon/trader Obermeyer is a doubleagent in the hire of the Network, but does he really work for the Unicorn--or is he working for himself. And who is the Unicorn really--and why does he seem to be driving toward an ultimate confrontation with Kym, no matter what the cost in slain men or even damage to his plans?

    Author Paul Riva does a good job describing the international financial trading system putting the complicated nature of trade in language that readers can understand. He also worked hard to show Kym as a heroine tortured by her past failure and wrestling with her role in the world. Often clunky language and insufficient character development, however, sometimes gave THE SCYLLA HEXAGRAM a comic-book feel. Still, SCYLLA makes an enjoyable read.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 5/17/04

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