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    Review of PERFECT SAX by Jerrilyn Farmer (see her website)

    A Madeline Bean Novel

    William Morrow, January 2004

    Madeline Bean, Los Angeles party planner and caterer, is a little worried when a rare saxophone from the charity auction goes missing from her gala event for the Woodward School. But that's nothing compared to the trauma of arriving home to find her house surrounded by the police and a dead woman in her bed. When a neighbor turns up dead as well and Madeline thinks she's being stalked, she feels like her whole life is falling apart.

    Chuck Hornett, her ex-boyfriend and cop, tries to ease Madeline's fears by loaning her a gun but only on the condition that she learns how to handle it. Chuck has been catapulted back into her life because of the murder and he wants to regain her affection. But Maddie has a serious problem with the fact that he has returned to his estranged wife to help her through her cancer treatments. Just to complicate her love life even more, she becomes involved with the brother of one of her Woodward ball clients. The young and handsome Dexter Wyatt has her heart fluttering and her pulse racing, but is he just too good to be true? Madeline jumps feet first into tying all of her mysteries together including the mysteries of her heart.

    Author Jerrilyn Farmer manages to neatly wrap up the seemingly impossible tangle of insurance fraud, hookers, obsession, and murder. Along the way, she gives us sometimes glamorous, sometimes scathing insights into the lives of the LA rich and powerful. The frenzy of plot twists and motivations are nicely balanced with explorations of Madeline's issues with trust and relationships. The characters are likeable and complex and I enjoyed the way that Farmer ties in Maddie's personal issues with her investigations.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 4/20/04

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