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    Comment on our review of LAWRENCE SANDERS McNALLY'S BLUFF by Vincent Lardo

    G. P. Putnam's Sons, August 2004

    You were too generous. Previous McNally books written by Vincent Lardo were great, and written in the style of the originals which were by Lawrence Sanders. This latest one is entirely different. The humor was not there. The characters were not the same. As a Lawrence Sanders fan I do not like these rabid changes. I miss Connie, as Georgie Girl has no personality, I like Archy living at home, describing some of Ursi's kitchen output, I don't want Archy to get fat, I do not want Binky to become an overnight brain, I don't want his mother to be sickly (ditzy was fine), and on and on. But mostly, humor was missing. Vincent Lardo should go back and read his earlier books and learn from them. The plot also lacked total credibility.

    Sincerely, Patricia Ritter.

    Comment 9/10/04

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