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    Review of LOVE AND THE POWER by J. Eidemak

    iUniverse, March 2004

    As a young man, John Forbes discovers the joys of crime. Starting as a thief, he graduates to drug dealing. His dream, however, never changes--he wants to build something big, something powerful--an invisible company worth billions that he can control. Together with a disgraced Danish industrialist, Erick Elgberg, Forbes works to see make his dream come true pumping funds from his drug business and other criminal and semi-criminal activities into the takeover of legitimate businesses. As they reach toward their goals, they become so large and powerful that even Britain's government becomes afraid to take on the invisible company.

    LOVE AND THE POWER tells the story of these two men--and their various loves--as they climb to the top of the world of business--both legal and extra-legal. A criminal life can be very attractive, with money, beautiful women, and the goal of power. But criminals always have to worry about the police--and about being betrayed by one of their own. With their increase in power, Elgberg and Forbes develop enemies. Even their own relationship is fraught with danger as each knows enough about the other to destroy them.

    Author J. Eidemak makes the world of financial dealings and mis-dealings interesting and entertaining. Both Forbes and Elgberg are interesting and sympathetic characters, despite their criminal activities. Their support for their fellow criminals, deep affection toward their families, and strangely consistent moral beliefs engage the reader. I did find the role of Paul, the jailed bank manager, a bit hard to swallow, but that didn't keep me from completely enjoying this page-turning adventure.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 10/20/04

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