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    Review of IT HAD TO BE YOU by Jill Churchill (see her website)


    William Morrow, March 2004

    Review by Jennifer Vilches

    Robert and Lily work hard in order to keep their guesthouse, Grace & Favor, during the Great Depression. The siblings take on temporary jobs at a nearby nursing home, but they are soon trying to help police solve a murder. A crabby old patient in the home is smothered, even though he would have died naturally within days. To add to this puzzling event, the body of a young man is found as the ice melts in a lake at a nearby town. How can the two murders possibly be connected?

    It Had To Be You is a cozy portrayal of village life during the Great Depression with a mystery thrown in the mix. The characters are interesting and believable, and author Jill Churchill has obviously done her research on the era. The book has a genteel feel that seems very appropriate to the time. Don't expect blazing guns and madcap action, but do enjoy the delightfully depicted period details.

    This is the fifth Grace & Favor novel, but it stands well on its own. Churchill does an excellent job of introducing characters and providing hints of their pasts without having readers wade through explanations of what happened in previous books.

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    Three Stars

    Reviewed 3/18/04

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