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    Review of GOOD BLOOD by Aaron Elkins (see his website)

    Berkley Prime Crime, February 2004

    It was supposed to be a peaceful vacation in Italy, but when his friend's relative is kidnapped, American forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver offers his assistance. The kidnapping was badly botched--resulting in the death of the chaufeur, but Italian police Colonel Caravale can't see any use for a high-powered bone man. They know what killed the chaufeur. Still, bones do turn up--on property owned by the aristocratic family of the kidnapped boy. And Caravale doesn't believe in coincidence. Still, could a skeleton that looks to have been underground for a decade have anything to do with a kidnapping?

    Caravale and Gideon overcome initial distrust and begin to work together as a team--but someone is watching and knows too much. Gideon finds that the decade-old murder poses real danger to him--in the present. What started out as a vacation just might end up terminal.

    Author Aaron Elkins combines the best elements of an Italian opera, forensic science, and an old-fashioned cozy in his well written and entertaining GOOD BLOOD. The aristocratic Italian family, with their internal feuds and snobish belief in the 'good blood' of the family, rings true as do Gideon and his friend Phil--the distant but looked down-on relative of the family who now makes his living giving cheap tours of the world. Elkins' strong descriptions make Italy come to life.

    Aaron Elkins is an Edgar Award Winner and with GOOD BLOOD it's easy to see why. I recommend this one highly.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/02/04

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