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    Review of COLD CASE by Robin Burcell (see her website)

    Avon Mystery, January 2004

    San Francisco detective Kate Gillespie has no idea the hornet's nest she's about to stir up when she goes on TV, pleading for leads in a three-year-cold murder case. Soon she has an intriguing lead from a "Jane Doe" that puts Kate at the scene of a bank robbery/murder in progress. The bank robbery offers a clue--bullets that came from the same gun as the cold-case murder.

    Soon Kate is knee-deep in a colorful cast of characters and suspects--a sexy gangster; the gangster's ex-wife, who goes by several different aliases and is currently missing; the ex-wife's transexual brother, "Louise"; the dead banker's non-grieving widow. Then there are the good guys, including her potential lover, Mike Torrance, formerly with the San Francisco police and now the FBI, and his oddly unemotional and far-too-pretty partner.

    This book is nonstop action--driving here, questioning this suspect, tracing phone records, fingerprints, background checks, car chases, shootings, stalkings. It's a great deal of fun. And if I occasionally got lost in the complex twists and turns of the plot--there were some convoluted scenes with name after name after name thrown out until my head spun--most of the time I didn't care that I didn't know what was going on. I certainly gave up trying to figure it out and assumed all would be explained, which it was.

    Kate Gillespie is a likeable, competent, no-nonsense heroine with just that hint of feminine vulnerability that makes me relate to her. I look forward to the next installment of her relationship with Torrance.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 3/06/04

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