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    Review of THE CIRCLE OF SODOM by Pat Mullan


    1st Books Library, March 2002

    It seemed like one of those random murders--a friend of Owen MacDara killed while he visited a strip club. But Owen's suspicions are raised when another friend vanishes. The connection, they, along with Owen, were on duty during a strange late-night operation in a military hospital in Korea. It doesn't seem possible that someone would be killing the witnesses now, but no other explanation seems possible either. As Owen begins to investigate, he finds clues of a huge right-wing conspiracy to overthrow the government and put their own man in office.

    With the help of a General and the President's authorization, Owen pursues the clues--and puts himself in danger. The conservatives have moles everywhere and it doesn't take them long to discover that Owen is after them, or to do their best to turn the tables. Worse, if the President goes public with the plot, he'll be accused of being paranoid--insane. The right would get their coup without even having to fight.

    Author Pat Mullan writes an exciting and fast-moving tale. From almost the first page, Owen finds himself in danger and confronting men who believe that God has called on them to bring about the end times. The use of computer warfare and cyberterrorism to undermine the economy, discussions of antiterrorism tactics, and the modern militia movement all are well researched and seamlessly incorporated into the adventure.

    For my tastes, Mullan relies a bit much on coincidence and stupidity on the part of the enemy (the botched kidnapping of Kate, in particular, seems incredibly poorly handled). But Mullan's strong story-telling overcomes the few narrative flaws and occasionally awkward language to provide a completely enjoyable reading experience. With today's increasing split between the right and left in America, THE CIRCLE OF SODOM is a timely read.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 1/31/04

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