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    Review of THE CHICKEN RESCUE LEAGUE by Amy Eastlake

    A TINA ANDERSON MYSTERY, September 2004

    The Chicken Rescue League by Amy Eastlake cover When her new boyfriend turns up dead, both trailer park manager Tina Anderson and her millionaire ex-husband, Andy, become suspects. Tina knows she didn't kill Sam, but she's also learned that Sam wasn't the man he pretended to be. When Tina, along with girlfriend Angie Jefferson, investigate, they find that Sam's secrets include involvement in the world of illegal cock-fighting. Could Tina have been dating a mobster all this time--and could the mysterious Chicken Rescue League be responsible for his murder?

    Tina and Angie go undercover, posing as chicken activists, apartment hunters, internet models, and finally anti-mob zealots in their attempt to discover the truth--but in this case, the more of the truth they learn, the more danger they put themselves in.

    Author Amy Eastlake (see more mysteries by Eastlake) delivers an exciting follow-up to TORNADO BAIT--the first Tina Anderson story (see our review). In a funny adventure, Tina and her trailer park sidkicks take on the Dallas Police, the Dallas Mob, and conventional rules. Fans of the Stephanie Plum series (by Janet Evanovich), or the Bubbles series (by Sarah Strohmeyer will definitely want to read THE CHICKEN RESCUE LEAGUE.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 8/27/04

    THE CHICKEN RESCUE LEAGUE is available in HTML, Adobe Acrobat PDF, eReader/Palm Reader, Mobipocket, ePub, Sony Reader LRF, and Microsoft Reader formats. Only $3.99

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