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    Review of BURY THE LEAD by David Rosenfelt (see his website)

    Mysterious Press, June 2004

    Lawyer Andy Carpenter has enough money to turn down any case he isn't interested in. But when an old friend comes to him for legal advice, Andy agrees. A reporter working for the friend's newspaper is the one man whom a serial killer is willing to contact. It doesn't sound like a lot of trouble and Andy agrees. But when the reporter is caught with evidence that he is the killer himself, Carpenter finds himself going to trial with a client he doesn't really trust and a case that doesn't convince even him.

    The evidence is clear--either reporter Daniel Cummings is a serial killer or someone has been setting him up. But why would a professional killer want to frame a crime reporter? The police don't buy it and Carpenter has a hard time buying it either. He does the best he can on the case, even getting himself into trouble with the New Jersey mob, but he knows that there's something missing.

    Author David Rosenfelt draws the reader into the story with a first person-present tense style. Carpenter is insecure about his relationship, convinced he's got the world's greatest dog, and an unsuccessful cynic. Rosenfelt mixes legal drama with action to keep the story moving forward but it's his light style, humor, and quips that really give the story personality.

    I'll be looking forward to more books by this author.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/20/04

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