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    Review of BUBBLES A BROAD by Sarah Strohmeyer (see her website)

    Dutton, July 2004

    Bubbles Yablonsky has won a trial job at the local newspaper--only to get caught up in a cat-fight at the historical society and fired. But an escaped convict, proclaiming her innocence, gives Bubbles a story angle that just might win back her job. Somehow, she's got to track down the truth behind a cyanide murder, the powerful steel company that rules over Lehigh Pennsylvania, a possible underground railroad tunnel, and the mysterious M.R.S. program at Two Guys Community College. In the meantime, Bubbles has a noxious ex-husband, a Princeton-bound daughter, and super-sexy sometimes boyfriend/journalistic rival Steve Stiletto to deal with. Will Bubbles and Stiletto finally make it all the way to the bedroom, or will they again be kept from consumation by journalistic demands?

    The Bubbles series is completely over the top. From character names (Bubbles? Stiletto?), to attire (Bubbles agonizes about whether to wear her leapard-pattern blouse or her one-armed zebra dress to the fancy date with Stiletto), to Bubble's pride in being the biggest loser in Two Guys Community College history to the story itself, BUBBLES A BROAD is definitely not to be taken seriously. It's silly, a bit rediculous, and pure fun. Bubbles enjoys being tacky, worries that her failure to talk to Jon Bon Jovi has tainted her for life, and does the best she can to be a good mother for her teenaged daughter. Rediculous or not, though, Bubbles keeps her eye on the mystery, comes up with one theory after another, and intends to get her story if it kills her.

    Author Sarah Strohmeyer (see more reviews of novels by Strohmeyer) pulls off the difficult challenge of mixing mystery with farce and delivers a page-turning adventure. It's hard not to admire Bubbles--although any but the most courageous might want to take her fashion hints with a grain of salt. Still, if it's good enough to attract Steve Stiletto...

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/03/04

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