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    Review of WITH A VENGENCE by Eileen Dreyer (see her website)

    St. Martin's Press, 2003

    At Blymore Memorial, patients who shouldn't be dying are dropping like flies. Maggie O'Brien--ER nurse and SWAT team medic, stumbles across this information almost by accident. And when she begins to suspect the worst--that someone among her friends and co-workers is killing off the scum of society--she finds herself a target. As she doggedly pursues her investigation, Maggie faces anonymous threats, an abusive father, a nosy reporter, and the awful possibility that her beloved best friend and sometimes lover, Sean Delaney, might be part of a shocking conspiracy.

    With her latest thrilling suspense novel, author Eileen Dreyer has reached a new high. Fascinating characters, intense emotion, and gritty medical and police detail combine for a powerful page-turner, although sometimes I had to put it down because it was overwhelming. Sometimes I had to take a break just to remind myself that I wasn't sweltering in a St. Louis summer with Maggie. But I always came back, and the ultra-satifying ending made me glad I did. I hope to see Maggie O'Brien in future books--there's a lot yet to be mined from her character.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 9/19/03

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