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    Review of WED AND BURIED by Toni L. P. Kelner


    Kensington Books, February 2003

    Laura Fleming and her husband Richard return to Laura's hometown in North Carolina to show off their 7-month-old baby and to share in the festivities for her aging Aunt Maggie who just eloped. But the elopement hid something serious. Someone has been trying to kill Big Bill Walters, Maggie's new husband. Laura has a reputation as the best amateur detective in North Carolina. Between nursing the baby and changing its diapers (and frequent sneaking away for private moments with husband Richard), Laura finds time to interview the long list of suspects that a powerful and wealthy man like Big Bob is certain to amass.

    Author Toni L. P. Kelner delivers a witty and folksy story with characters that feel real and true. The list of suspects includes Big Bob's fawning son, his bitter daughter-in-law, a hermit with a mother fixation, and a police officer's girlfriend. Any of these are possibilities, but Laura suspects that there is another secret being hidden. And Laura is dogged in her pursuit of secrets. Richard's Shakespear quotes may occasionally seem just a little over the top (does anyone really go around talking like that), and frequent mystery readers will guess the killer, but the entire story is meant to be over the top--these 'flaws' only add to the charm.

    WED AND BURIED is a cute and funny story.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 4/07/03

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