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    Review of WHEN THE STORM BREAKS by Heather Lowell (see her website)

    Harper Torch, July 2003

    Executive Claire Lambert has the stupendous bad luck to witness a serial killer at work. She barely escapes from his murderous intentions, but whacks herself on the head in the mean time. As a result, she does not remember anything about the entire event. But the killer doesn't know that, and thus Claire becomes his special target, the one that got away, his "sweet prey." And Detective Sean Richter makes it his personal business to protect her until this sick puppy is caught and put out of commission. Unfortunately, Claire and Sean's instant and stunning attraction complicates things.

    I wanted to like this book, I really did. Women-in-jeopardy stories are a personal favorite, and I had high hopes for Lowell, daughter of veteran romance and romantic suspense author Elizabeth Lowell. But this story was just too familiar, and there were no unusual plot twists or emotional underpinnings to make this tale stand out from the crowd. The main characters were likable, but didn't truly "live" for me. They felt like constructs.

    I will say that the last 50 pages were gripping, proving that Lowell can write a riveting action sequence. But I would have liked to see more of this type of writing throughout the book.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 12/03/03

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