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    Review of SHADOW BOXER by Eddie Muller


    Scribner, January 2003

    Billy Nichols covers boxing for the San Francisco Inquirer, but he has a past--and now he's up to his neck in trouble. His blackmailing ex-lover has been murdered but the accused murder claims that he was in for a frame. Nichols falls into a film noir San Francisco world in the 1940s where gangsters rule the city and where even your friends are willing to betray you.

    Author Eddie Muller draws a convincing San Francisco--one natives will recognize as still existing, buried beneath its tourist exterior. Nichols is an interesting character but he remains somehow disconnected from the emotional impact of the novel. The suspense plot is convoluted, sometimes to the point of being confusing.

    Nichols's attitudes toward women and African-Americans seems authentic for the time, but is certainly not progressive, even for that time, and may offend many readers.

    Two Stars

    Reviewed 1/22/03

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