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    Review of POISON BLONDE by Loren D. Estleman (see his website)


    FORGE, Tom Doherty Associates, April 2003

    When a beautiful singer asks private investigator Amos Walker to find evidence that her wardrobe manager sold her out, Walker takes the job--and isn't happy to find that it was only a test. Gilia Cristobal was being blackmailed--and the blackmailer has vanished. A vanished blackmailer might be good news, or it might be the worst possible news and Gilia needs to know. Because the blackmail is about illegal immigration, subversive activities, and murder. Walker is suspicious--not least because Gilia's manager is Hector Matador, a Columbian mobster and killer. Still, a job is a job and he is intrigued by the beautiful blonde and her story.

    Author Loren D. Estleman (see more reviews of novels by Estleman) is a master of dark mystery. The winter of Detroit, Walker's outdated tough-guy image in a changing world, and Walker's curious blend of cynicism and hope all involve the reader in the story. Estleman's compelling and powerful writing adds to the emotional charge of the story--with enough witty passages and throw-away dialogue to break up the tension and emotional darkness in the story.

    Amos Walker makes a wonderful damaged detective--and Estleman plays him straight, with no cheating, no avoiding the pain, and no faked heroism.

    Fans of the Amos Walker fan will add POISON BLONDE to their must-read list. Those new to Estleman or Walker have a treat to look forward to.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 6/25/03

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