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    Review of LAWRENCE SANDERS McNALLY'S DARE by Vincent Lardo


    G. P. Putnam's Sons, July 2003

    When a waiter is found dead in the swimming pool during a millionaire-intense tennis fund raiser, Archie McNally, all-around investigator to the rich and snobby, is called into action. Clients come quickly and Archie isn't too proud to take them all. But does everyone really want him to find the killer, or is someone hiding a deadly secret? Naturally everyone would like Archie to believe that it couldn't possibly be one of the wealthy set. But Archie has to believe that the waiter may have learned too much.

    Archie moves through Palm Beach society, sipping martinis with muckraking authors, exchanging bon-mots with billionaires, and dating beautiful Georgia while still lusting after the lost Connie. Archie making a charming character. He is fixated with his own appearance, sexist to the extreme, frequently contemptuous of those around him (especially of Binky who returns Archie's scorn with love and disloyalty), yet manages to stay sympathetic. Author Vincent Lardo (see more reviews of novels by Lardo) humanizes Archie in McNALLY'S DARE by making Georgia feisty, by a cute scene when Archie's trunks are too large for hunky billionaire Lance Talbot, and by reminding the reader that Archie does still live with his parents.

    Those seeking a quick-witted private investigator with an attitude, a way with women (if not quite as much so as he would like to believe) and a clever setting amongst the billionaires of Palm Beach will definitely want to pick up the latest in the McNally series.

    Four Stars

    Reviewed 7/20/03

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