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    Review of LAST TO DIE by James Grippando (see his website)

    HarperCollins, July 2003

    When his best friend and ex-client Theo asks him to represent his brother Tatum, lawyer Jack Swyteck doesn't really have a choice. Tatum is a former contract killer who swears that he's moved on to leg-breaking. But when Tatum is named as an heir in a strange will left by a murdered beauty, he knows he needs a lawyer.

    The will leaves 46 million dollars to one of six people--whichever one remains alive last. Under some circumstances, that could mean that the money will be a long time coming. But 46 million dollars is enough to tempt someone to take shortcuts. That someone might just be Jack's client--but Jack trusts Theo and Theo is willing to alibi his brother.

    Finding the truth takes Jack from his home in Miami to Africa and back but boils down to the simple question--why did murdered Sally Flemming leave all of her money to the people she hated--and why did she name exactly these six? If Jack wants to survive, he'll need to know the answer.

    Author James Grippando (see more reviews of novels by Grippando) pursues an intriguing story line. Ordinary people will do strange things for mega-millions. And some of the people inheriting (including client Tatum) are anything but ordinary. I would have liked to see more of the reactions from the innocent but greedy victims, but Grippando delivers an exciting story. Grippando's strong writing keeps the reader engrossed. LAST TO DIE isn't a masterpiece and the romantic elements didn't work at all for me, but it is a solid and well written adventure.

    Three Stars

    Reviewed 7/24/03

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