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    Review of KISSCUT by Karin Slaughter (see her website)

    HarperTorch, September 2002

    Something evil is tainting the small town of Heartsdale, Georgia, and Dr. Sara Linton is in he middle of it. The story starts as the evil comes to a climax--Sara's ex-husband, Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver, is forced to shoot a 13-year-old girl threatening to kill a teenage boy in a skating-rink parking lot. Inside the skating rink is a dead newborn baby. As the town's pediatrician and part-time county coronor, Sara must follow the time line backward and try to figure out what went wrong in the life of a little girl everyone agreed was sweet and bright. What she and Jeffrey, uncover is so horrible it's almost painful to read about. Child sexual abuse, pornography, mutilation, and all of it happeing under their noses.

    Sara is also trying to decide whether she wants to give her straying ex-husband another chance. Then there's Detective Lena Adams, struggling to recover from her recent ordeal at the hands of a mainiac and allowing this case to get under her skin.

    At times this book is so gruesome it's painful to read. But it strikes a chord, too, and forces the reader to wonder how much we all sweep under the rug. The day-to-day struggles the characters deal with, in their professional and personal lives, are woven into a complex and often disturbing tapestry, but even as I squirmed uncomfortably, I turned the pages as fast as I could. Recommended, but not for the faint of heart or queasy of stomach.

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    Four Stars

    Reviewed 12/27/03

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